In-House Color Separation Facility

We have computer to plate facility in-house, means you have to just handover your artwork to us. We will do necessary step and repeat and develop color separated plates in-house

High speed RIPs for better productivity

The Fuji Alante CTP is having advanced Navigator RIP The fuji CTP Fast PIF data interface Assures great productivity no matter what file is used. With the Combination of navigator high quality RIP and the Fuji CTP it,s easy to get high Quality, Full colour separated plated up to 25X42 inches.

Hight end CTP For Superior Registration Accuracy

The Alante from Fuji film japan the improved plate transport system assures consistent media placement. Thanks to this new system the Fuji CTP offer a remarkable registration accuracy of + 25 microns (+ 1 mil)for four continuous This makes it easy to ge- t high quality f-our color printed output every time.